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A flagship course on Synchronicity ✨

  • 2 levels

    This course has 2 levels consisting of modules—there are 9 modules for Level 1, and 3 modules for Level 2!

  • Reading

    This course uses the Celestine Prophesy as our guidebook, and students are encouraged to purchase this book and read Chapter 1 prior to begin.

  • Begin

    All students are grouped into a Private Online Collective to enhance their experience and each student receives one 30-minute session with Andy at no additional cost.

Synchronicity is a phenomenon

that is woven through the fabric of the energy that is all around us, and it can feel inexplicably magical when it occurs—we typically say "that was weird," when synchronicity happens! It appears to be a coincidence. But there are no coincidences. There is only divine timing and universal love!

Wouldn’t you like a roadmap for understanding how the universe works around us, to learn to navigate life with more ease, health, and success?

Often, we read books like The Secret and are left with no practical use, direction, or lessons to follow to put the concepts into action. Manifesting with Synchronicity not only gives a plan to follow—it instills a way of living healthy and mindfully that students can take forward into all aspects of their life.

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What's inside?

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  • 01


  • 02

    Unit 1 – Understanding Synchronicity

    • Insight 1: Agenda – Look for these each week to print and take notes on!

    • Insight 1 – Content Video: A Critical Mass

    • Insight 1 Self Study video

    • Meditation #1: Heart Space

    • Insight 2: Agenda

    • Insight 2 – Content Video: Conscious Conversation

    • Insight 2 Self Study video

    • Insight 2 Worksheet: Preoccupations and Timeline

    • Meditation #2: Prana Breath

  • 03

    Unit 2 – Understanding Energy

    • Insight 3: Agenda

    • Insight 3 – Content Video: A Matter of Energy

    • Insight 3 – Self Study video

    • Meditation #3: The Aura

    • Insight 4: Agenda

    • Insight 4 – Content Video: Struggle for Power

    • Insight 4 – Self Study video

    • Meditation #4: Chakra Clearing

    • Insight 4 Independent Study Worksheet

  • 04

    Unit 3 – Understanding Your History

    • Insight 5: Agenda

    • Insight 5 – Content Video: Message of the Mystics

    • Insight 5 – Self Study video

    • Wayne Dyer's Tips for Keeping Your Energy High

    • Meditation #5: Mystical Experience

    • Midway-point Survey

    • Insight 6: Agenda

    • Insight 6 – Content Video: Clearing the Past

    • Insight 6 – Self Study video

    • Insight 6 – Worksheet: Observing the Masculine and Feminine Teachers

    • Meditation #6: Clearing Meditation with Chakras and Angels

  • 05

    Unit 4 – Evolving Synchronicity

    • Insight 7: Agenda

    • Insight 7 – Content Video: Engaging the Flow

    • Insight 7 – Self Study video

    • Insight 7 Meditation – Spirit Guides

    • Insight 7 – Checklist for Engaging the Flow

  • 06

    Unit 5 – Evolving Energy

    • Insight 8: Agenda

    • Insight 8 – Content Video: Interpersonal Ethic

    • Insight 8 – Self Study video

    • Insight 8 Meditation – Metta Bhavana: Loving Kindness

  • 07

    Unit 6 – Evolving your History

    • Insight 9: Agenda

    • Insight 9 – Content Video

    • Insight 9 – Self Study video

    • Insight 9 Meditation – Quantum Jumping

  • 08

    What's next?

    • Closing Video for Insights 1 - 9

Manifesting with Synchronicity

The Value of:

The content value of this course is $2,500. Lifetime value of this course is Unlimited. 18 videos. 9 meditations. Affirmations. New habits and practices. Deep dive worksheets for self-exploration. Practices for building energy and vibration. Understanding vibration itself. ✨

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Coach Andy

Instructor Bio

Andy's passion is helping her global community awaken to their fullest potential through powerful mind/body awareness, healing, and evolution. Her courses are all deep connecting tools to manifestation, intuition development, and growth. Andy lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with her husband Craig and has been teaching since 2003.

Andy Kennedy


Testimonials 💜

Hear what our formers students have to say!

“I loved the community involvement and private Facebook page for communication! My biggest takeaways were the reminder that everything is truly energy, the importance of my self-talk and the important responsibility of how my thoughts are part of the collective consciousness every moment of everyday. The class helped me to deeper clarify my purpose and focus, and I also loved the weekly mirror words and meditation.”


“Andy's Synchronicity class has completely impacted my life, in the way that I see things, in the way that I do things, and the way I go about my day. I now have a consistent meditation practice, experience (and notice) synchronicities and miracles daily, and talk to my spirit guides regularly. She offered steady support and guidance throughout the class and has helped me to see (and practice seeing!) that everything that I need is already within myself.”


“What you've shown me is a spirituality underlayer of everything. I can't speak highly enough of this class, Andy is doing her part of connecting us to that bigger piece that we could ever imagine, this is not a science-fiction novel, this is real! This course blew the lid off my existing spiritual practice, and solidified the importance of meditation for me.”


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